You’re a boss – but are you a leader?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. This week's Roundup includes tips on being a better leader, advice on playing to your strengths, and tips for career changers. Also, find out why you shouldn’t include “strategy in your job title and why some companies are paying off their employees’ student loans.

10 Simple Mindset Changes That Will Turn You Into a Real Leader
You’re a boss – but are you a leader? Learning the difference between the two separates the supervisors from the inspiring trailblazers. While bosses instill fear, leaders earn respect. Bosses take credit, leaders give it. Bosses micromanage and leaders delegate.

How to Play to Your Strengths
Don’t be so hard on yourself. Criticism makes you defensive and unlikely to change while praise raises your confidence and willingness to perform better. To tap into your strengths. Do the RBS (Reflected Best Self exercise). Step 1: Ask your colleagues and peers for input on your performance. Step 2: Recognize patterns in the comments. Step 3: Describe yourself using the feedback as a reference. Step 4: Redesign your day-to-day to play to your strengths.

The 8 Best Skills for Career Changers

Your career path should be a jungle gym, not a ladder. That’s what most successful paths look like. To make your next leap, acquire and maintain skills that translate beyond your current role or industry. Project management, leadership, strategic planning, and financial analysis are skills valued across a wide range of professions. Are you ready to swing into your next career move?

4 Resume Tips for Career Changers
New field. New look (for your resume). 1. Highlight transferable skills. 2. Use a functional format. 3. Discuss your career change in your cover letter. 4. Bring related education and volunteer work to the top. Clearly communicating your career-change goals will dramatically increase your opportunities.

No one should have the word ‘strategy’ in their job title
Strategy doesn’t guarantee execution. Too often strategy is merely an exercise rather than an action plan. And by pinpointing specific roles as “strategic” it disempowers others who share in the company’s vision. So what’s an alternative to “strategy”? Rework titles to more closely reflect the roles and empower the organization to think strategically about execution.

Advice on How–and Whether–to Go to College
Does college prepare you for a career? Many universities are against integrating career training with theory-based education. But soft skills like curiosity, grit, contextual thinking, and humility are crucial in work environments that require seamless transition from academia to the real world. Graduates will be more successful after experience from apprenticeships and technical degrees. 

The Latest Job Benefit: Paying Employees' Student Loans
Time to pay off student loans? Tuition IO is a start-up that enables companies to pay portions of their employees’ debt. Corporate payments mean consolidation and lower interest rates. It’s a win-win: companies get millennial talent, and graduates can focus earlier on financial goals like buying a house or starting 401ks.


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