We’re excited to launch a new feature that will help connect more students and alumni than ever before. Starting next week, whenever you request a consultation with an advisor, you’ll be given the option to send that request to other similar advisors as well. This will enable you to fill your request faster, garner multiple perspectives, and meet great new advisors.

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This week we’re doing job-seekers on our platforms two big favors. First, we’re making feedback from advisors more structured and more consistent. Next and more significantly, we’re letting advisors personally vouch for candidates. These changes are part of our new advisee feedback feature which goes live for advisees and advisors on AMPs and CAPs this week and on Evisors.com this fall. No action is required on the part of admins, advisors, or advisees other than for advisors to formally submit the feedback they’ve probably already been sharing informally.

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We’re excited to be rolling out a big update to our Career Advisor Platform (CAP). Starting next week, CAP clients and advisees will see a lot more of our most experienced advisors on their platforms. Here’s why and what’s changing.

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