Make Friends, Not Contacts.

Running a business is like performing a surgery. This week's Roundup includes networking tips, advice on being mentally tough, and the benefits of thinking and reflecting on the job. Also, find out the benefits of a Values Day for your team and why Goldman Sachs is moving away from ranking employees based on numbers.
Why It’s Better To Make Friends, Not Connections
Swapping business cards left and right? Think again. The best networkers are subtle and deliberate. Aim to build lasting friendships while forging professional connections. Create opportunities to get to know each other better across different contexts. And instead of asking for help, give it.

We Just Had Our Values Day and So Should You
Values Matter. They’re the skills and behaviors that drive your team's success. Spending a day focused on values might be the most productive day your team has ever had. Firsthand Founder & CEO explains how their Values Day helped the team become better aligned through brainstorming sessions. What are your team’s values and when are you having your Value’s Day?

The Pencilsword: On a plate
Privilege powers careers. Cartoonist Toby Morris illustrates how a privileged upbringing serves up incremental and subtle advantages, producing major differences in career outcomes.

5 Evidence-Based Tips to Increasing Your Mental Toughness
Stay strong. Mental toughness is the ability to manage your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to set you up for success. To develop a stronger mind: Set a clear goal and talk through your decisions with peers. Be competitive with yourself and others –focus trumps exhaustion. Visualize your success – it’ll push you towards your goal.

Why Successful People Spend 10 Hours a Week Just Thinking
Running a business is like performing a surgery. It needs careful planning. 80% of Warren Buffet’s career has been spent thinking and reading. Clear your schedule for Monday and do the following: Ask yourself powerful questions to encourage deep thinking. Create a to-do list to prune throughout the week. Set aside time to think of new ideas and tackle your hardest problems.

Why Successful People Take 10 Years to 'Succeed Overnight'
Act on the Domino Strategy for 10-years-to-overnight-success. First, start so small that you can easily knock over the first domino, like brainstorming the business idea. Second, put dominoes in just the right sequence so that each small step makes the next, bigger step possible. Knock down that first domino and you're well on your way.

Goldman Sachs to Stop Rating Employees With Numbers
You’re more than just a number. Goldman Sachs is letting go of numerical ratings in favor of continuous constructive feedback. This is the latest in a wave of changes at big banks intended to make finance jobs more welcoming to younger employees. The bank will focus on giving employees specific improvements on their work rather than grading performance for the previous year.


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