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Diana Band, a 2009 UMass Amherst graduate, worked in the hallowed halls of book publishing before striking out on her own—and showing others that the path to success could be both inspired and self-directed.

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When Ankit Prasad, a senior at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), entered his five-year, dual degree program, he knew that he would have two semesters free to explore career options and get crucial professional experience. Juggling economics and engineering courses, Ankit was particularly interested in consulting—but had no prior experience or contacts in the industry.

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A wealth of knowledge and experience lives within University of Sydney’s alumni network and recent graduates are now tapping into it through mentorship.

Elena Biancardi was working as a physio in Italy, but she was driven to start her own fashion company. Determined to learn how to succeed in business, she moved to Sydney to study innovation and entrepreneurship, and discovered the alumni mentoring program. With guidance from her mentor, she’s taken her business to the next level.

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Sometimes, it’s not a skillset or specialized degree that a candidate needs to enter a new career—it’s a broader perspective. Oftentimes, it’s difficult to know what sorts of opportunities you’re missing out on until you talk to people who can show those opportunities to you.

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When Nisarg Shah first began looking for jobs, he wasn’t sure whether his background would land him the career that he wanted. Nisarg knew that his undergraduate degree in engineering  and banking experience in India gave him a unique, analytical edge, but he wasn’t sure if he could easily break into consulting and business strategy in Canada. After some initial unsuccessful efforts to land a job, Nisarg found his confidence waning, and thought perhaps his engineering background—and status as an international exchange student—might be to blame.

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A couple of years ago, Bozhidar Draganov found himself in a quandary: after applying to graduate MBA programs in the U.S., he received an acceptance and full scholarship thanks to his innovative entrepreneurial ventures—but those same ventures prevented him from obtaining the visa necessary to stay and attend school.

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