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Don’t fight pre-interview stress. In this week’s Roundup, learn why having a good attitude beats having a good IQ and what quick fixes you can make to appear more favorably in the eyes of an employer. Also, gain interview insights and career advice you typically don’t hear.

Why Attitude Is More Important Than IQ
It all comes down to attitude. Have a growth mindset to be successful. If you believe you can improve with effort, you will treat challenges as opportunities to learn something new. Alternatively, a fixed mindset can leave you feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. Think ‘growth’ not ‘fixed’: be passionate and flexible, take action and go that extra mile, and don’t complain when things don’t go your way.

5 Ways to Make Yourself Hirable This Week
Make your LinkedIn profile easy for recruiters to find and love by using keywords from job descriptions. Take it up a notch by building a personal website to stand out before you even walk in the door. Wow employers by creating a project for your dream role, like writing a content marketing piece. Don’t forget to reach out to your network for opportunities and further your reach with a career coach.

How to Get the Most Out of an Informational Interview
Play the long game. Don’t ask for favors. It’s as much about giving as it is taking. Focus on fostering long-term relationships to develop future allies, supporters, and champions. Do your homework on the person and the industry. Set the tone for how you’d like the conversation to go. And don’t let one negative informational interview sour you on a job, company, or career path.


Career Advice No One Tells You
Job requirements are negotiable. Feeling like you’re not good enough is inevitable and will drive you to work even harder. Pick a job for the experience, not the paycheck. Choose the boss over the company. The real education begins after college. So start taking notes.

The Surprising Reasons You Shouldn’t Fight Your Pre-Interview Stress
Make stress your BFF. Before an interview, you can use it as an advantage to improve your performance. Short-term stress temporarily boosts your memory. It alerts the body and prepares you to do your best. Instead of trying to stay calm, use the elevator ride to embrace the fear and shout “I’m excited!”

The First Question Stewart Butterfield Asks in an Interview
What’s your story? Slack’s CEO wants to know if you’re empathetic, a highly valued attribute at the company. How much of your success came down to luck, and do you appreciate it? He attributes 98% of his own success to luck and prefers candidates who cite similarly high percentages. The higher the percentage, the lower the risk of an overly cocky company culture.


Companies Tap Alumni for New Business and New Workers
Companies are treating former employees like alumni, not their exes. For years, companies like McKinsey and EY have kept tabs on former employees as sources of new business and candidate referrals. As workers switch jobs and industries more frequently, more organizations are catching onto the competitive advantage of corporate alumni networks.

12 Signs You Shouldn't Accept That Job Offer
Think twice before signing the dotted line. If recruiters rush you to accept the offer, it may mean they’re desperate. Has the position been vacant for a long time? Has it had high turnover? Take the hint. Also, keep an eye out for interviewers that are distracted, tired, or bored. This alone speaks volumes about their workplace culture.



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