Can You Be Too Helpful at Work?

This week we look at the skills you'll need to get an internship, at the different reasons that men and women leave startups, and at what it means to be too helpful at work.

Will You Graduate? Ask Big Data
Big data is raising graduation rates. Less than half of U.S. students graduate on time. It's a big reason for the student debt crisis. Universities are now successfully combating the issue, however, by adding more counselors and arming them with predictive analytics. One striking insight: the best predictor of a student's graduation rate is not their GPA, but their grade in a foundational course. At Georgia State, fewer than 10% of nursing students getting a C in introductory math graduated.

U.S. Colleges Make Plans for Extended Travel Ban 
The possibility of a long-term travel ban has U.S. colleges preparing for the worst.Students from the countries listed bring more than $500 million but, beyond that, schools also fear the educational impact it will have if there is no representation from these countries in the classroom. Additionally, administrators worry they’ll see a hit to their enrollment if the restrictions spread to other countries.

The Simple Reform That Improved Black Students' Earnings
"Curricular reform has the potential to help close the racial and socioeconomic earnings gap." In the 1980's, most states only required one math class to graduate from high school. The National Commission on Excellence in Education's "A Nation at Risk" report motivated states to make changes and increase the math requirements for graduation. The Harvard Kennedy School of Government was interested in the impact of those changes and they looked at census and earnings data. They found that there was a 3% boost in earnings among black students. While the data is not perfect, it's interesting to look at the changes to our curricula has on the real lives of Americans.

Top 20 Fields for Internships: Get Your Skills On
Do you have the skills you need to secure an internship? Employers are being a lot more specific about the skills they expect from their interns. As peak recruiting season is quickly approaching, it's time to take a look at what fields are most in demand and what skills you’ll need to secure the internship of your dreams.

A Recruiter Who's Interviewed Hundreds of People Shares Her 3 Best Tips to Ace a Job Application
Don't let your résumé or cover letter keep you from getting an interview. A senior sales recruiter at Yelp reveals that they take the time to read every single résumé or cover letter sent to them and shares what gets a candidate in the door. Double check for spelling or grammar mistakes, address the right company, get creative in your letter, and make sure you know your audience before you submit your application.

Evidence Of Racial, Gender Biases Found In Faculty Mentoring 
Researchers at The Wharton School found evidence of professors' inherent bias when choosing students to mentor. In a study of 6,500 professors at the top 250 schools, students requesting mentorship who presented as white males were 25% more likely to be received favorably compared to females and minorities, even when contacting female or minority professors.


The Different Reasons Men and Women Leave Their Successful Startups
In the startup world, failure rates are especially high for female entrepreneurs.“Female entrepreneurs are more likely than their male peers to exit voluntarily, and for personal reasons, than as a result of business failure.” This is because women’s exit motives are more highly guided by personal factors and gender-related expectations than men’s.

There's Such a Thing as Being Too Helpful at Work — and It Can Lead to "Generosity Burnout"
Put on your own mask before helping others. Generous people can be successful, but they need to protect themselves to avoid “generosity burnout.” One approach is to use “chunking.” Schedule time in your calendar for helping people instead of waiting for them to come to you and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.




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