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This week we analyze how to get the most out of people we interview, how to turn around bad interviews, and how to use the holiday season to make us more creative.

The Sneaky Trick to Being Likable in Interviews
Research indicates that individuals who subtly mimic their opponent were five times more likely to get what they wanted during negotiations. Pay attention to your interviewer- and act accordingly!

Applying for a Job? Your CV Is the Last Thing You Need 
Your resume isn't the only thing employers are looking at when you apply. Clean up your social media, update your LinkedIn to focus on your core strengths, and make sure that you know what you're worth. There are great ways to make sure you go into an interview with your best foot forward.

How to Build Instant Rapport in an Interview
Small Talk = Big Impact. New research shows that interview small talk highly influences the hiring decision. As an interviewee, pay close attention to whether a hiring manager is open to small talk, then starts the conversation on a positive note. Practice building rapport before the interview by chatting with a barista and retail employees.

11 Mistakes People Always Make When They Negotiate Their Salaries
Nobody is offended by a good negotiation. If a company is motivated to hire you and you are motivated to work at a company, then a good discussion about the job makes everyone happier. Mistakes to avoid when negotiating a salary for a new job includes having a small list of terms, negotiating at the wrong time, thinking too short-term, saying yes too fast, bad math, and being a “know it all” (among others).


The Academic Side Hustle
Ready for a change in your professional journey? Rather than start from scratch after leaving a position, pick up a side hustle today. A side hustle not only provides extra income, but allows you to have a backup plan for the future.


This 60-Year-Old Theory Can Help You Nail Your Next Job Interview 
As computers become more advanced, it's becoming important in the job search to emphasize the things they can't do. This framework will help set you apart from competitors and computers alike.


Jumpstart Your 2017 Career Goals
If you wait until January, it might be too late. New Year’s resolutions are popular, but if you wait until the new year you’re already behind. Start planning now for what you want to do to advance your career in 2017. Read on to find out more about the three key steps to help you get started: clearly define your goals, assess your skills and how you can use them, and find a professional sponsor who can help you develop and find new opportunities.



Two Questions You Need to Ask Your Future Employer
Preparing your answers for an interview might lead you to being under-prepared for the crucial Q&A at the end of the interview. Two areas you should always ask about include the opportunity for you to implement improvement ideas and what goals they want you to accomplish in the first month on the job. 




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