'Tis the Season to Get Creative

This week we analyze how to get the most out of people we interview, how to turn around bad interviews, and how to use the holiday season to make us more creative.

Sergey Brin Uses This Trick to Get the Most From People He Interviews
Sergey Brin has a trick. He knows within a few seconds whether he's going to hire someone. If he doesn't want to hire them, he's still stuck in the interview. So to get something out of every interview, he asks "Tell me something I don't know." That way every interview produces insight, if not a job offer.


Bad Job Interview? Ask for a Do-Over 
Nobody gets everything right the first time. That includes one of the most important tasks adults have to do: job interviews. Whether it’s nerves, misunderstandings, or any number of other reasons, people often come out of an interview not satisfied with their performance. So what now? Rather than closing the door on that opportunity altogether, don’t be afraid to ask for a second chance - your future self will thank you.


To Get Promoted, Get Feedback from Your Critics 
Create a board of directors to help you with your professional development. This BOD should be made up of your fans, potential sponsors, and your critics. Your fans – those who will give you constructive feedback with kindness and intent. Potential sponsors – people who can vouch for you when time comes for a promotion or new job. Your critics – your adversaries who can give you actionable feedback and may even shift their perception of you if you prove to them you’re improving.

How to Work Remotely Without Losing Motivation
Working from home doesn’t have to be dull. You can leave the house, read a book, or even make someone happy to stay invigorated. With these tips in mind, work just might not seem so remote anymore.


Have We Been Thinking About Willpower the Wrong Way for 30 Years?
We've been getting willpower all wrong. It's not a tank that gets depleted and needs refilling. It's an emotion, according to new research. If you think you're recharging your batteries by treating yourself to Netflix and a carton of ice cream after a hard day's work, you're probably doing work that doesn't excite you because doing exciting work leaves you energized, not drained.


Science's Minority Talent Pool Is Growing—But Draining Away 
How is it that the number of newly minted STEM Ph.D.'s from underrepresented populations grew 9X from 1980-2014, but the employed professor pool only grew 1.7X? We have to address the changes in our workforce because the system hasn't corrected itself to match its talent pool. Changes don’t have to be big ones. Gibbs' simulations showed that if two-thirds of medical schools hired and kept just one faculty member from an underrepresented minority every year for the next six years, the system would reflect the Ph.D. pool within a single tenure cycle. “It’s not a quota,” he says. “It’s a mathematical reality.”


3 Ways to Use the Holidays to Be More Creative
Use your holiday break wisely. By completely shutting work out, you’ll get your creative juices flowing. Let your memory reset and bring back inhibited knowledge that might help you solve a problem. Give yourself a chance to find new approaches to a problem by noticing what’s going on around you. Even if you’re not in need of creative solutions, take the time to read something new and broaden your horizons.




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