Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, and Advance Your Career

This week we analyze differences between millennials and older workers, and we ask you to purposely make yourself a little bit uncomfortable.

Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter
It’s been proven that diverse teams contribute to a better bottom line, but how? For starters, diverse teams are smarter. They focus more on facts instead of being blinded by their own biases. They process information more carefully, which leads to better decision making. They’re also more innovative by avoiding conformity that’s often a product of homogeneous teams.


How to Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable (According to a Green Beret) 
What does a Green Beret have in common with a good entrepreneur? Motivation, dedication, and an ability to "embrace the suck", plus four more tips from Jason Von Camp.


Discovering Hidden Career Potential Through Conversations with Advisers 
Career conversations lead to broader perspectives for alumni and students on University of Wollongong’s Inside Edge platform. Advisees gain an insider perspective from alumni mentors: “It’s narrowed my focus now on what I have done and what I need to do,” Advisee Ben says. “I’m more driven and more focused in my career.” Learn more about Ben’s story by checking out the Firsthand Blog.

Are American Enamored with the Wrong Kinds of Entrepreneurs?
Do entrepreneurs really deserve our adoration? Roger L. Martin of the Harvard Business Review argues that they shouldn’t necessarily be more celebrated than a corporate executive just because they’ve started a small business. Instead, we should hold our admiration for those who transform an equilibrium and create significant benefits for the economy.


Six Underappreciated Traits or Skills That Will Give You A Competitive Advantage
The only constant in life is change...or so they say. No matter what happens, it’s imperative that you are able to set yourself apart from the competition. Most people in your industry likely have the same general knowledge base, so it’s going to be the attention to detail and skills unique to you that will make a difference. Read on to learn what skills experts think you should have in your arsenal.




Science Says This 1 LinkedIn Mistake Makes Millennials Look Really Unprofessional 
Quality, not quantity. Millennials might think that listing all their experiences is an asset, but it does more harm than good. Listing lower-level jobs could make you seem less competent or committed to your work.


The Five Powerful Career Habits of Naturally Curious People
Use your curiosity as an career advancement opportunity. 1) Stay in the loop with your network in case any opportunities arise. 2) Check out websites of people you admire for inspiration. 3) Talk about salary with close friends so you have ball park figures to use for future interviews. 4) Use LinkedIn to expand your network. 5) Actively engage with your network – congratulate people, refer connections, make introductions. You never know when someone might return the favor.

7 Signs its time for a career move
In the modern technological age, studies show benefits of moving jobs every two to four years. Here are seven factors that might signal that it's time for a career change.




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