Network Like a Successful Person

Hybrid jobs, networking like a successful person, and what you can learn from working in food service. This week we are exploring what we can all do to interview and succeed in the modern workplace. If you like what you read, please forward it to a friend or colleague.


Relearning the Lost Skill of Patience
Read ALL the materials before moving on. It’s a saying drilled into our heads since grade school. But whether we’re students taking a standardized test or adults reading a blog article before work, we all still have a tendency to skim. Due to our ever-shrinking attention spans, very rarely are we patient enough to actually engage with and fully digest information - a practice that’s hurting our ability to learn. So how do we fix it? Hint: our teachers were right all along. 


Hybrid Jobs Call for Hybrid Education
“Expertise in a single domain won’t suffice.” As hybrid jobs increase in the workplace, so does the importance of hybrid education. We can develop a broader way of thinking with interdisciplinary studies, project-based learning, and experiential opportunities.




The Fetishisation of Work is Making us Miserable. Let's Learn to Live Again.
The more we work, the more we’re admired in the workplace. But, a focus on high growth economies is putting a strain on everyone, especially those in low-end jobs. We need to take back control of the workplace. Men need to start sharing the load of unpaid work at home which tends to fall on women. We need to make workdays shorter to reduce stress levels and start focusing on the important stuff.

Colleges Must Reinvent Career Counseling
College career counseling is misaligned: while studies show huge growth in freelance work focusing on specific skills like graphic design or coding, universities often only offer generic counseling directed toward traditional pathways like law and finance. It's becoming increasingly important for students to focus on the critical areas of modern professional development, and colleges have the responsibility to guide them well.




The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Questions for the Interviewer
When the interviewer asks: "So, any questions for me?" There are good responses, bad responses, and downright ugly responses. The best questions for the interviewer show that you've done your homework, that you're a good cultural fit, and that you're motivated to join the team. 


How Successful People Network With Each Other
Network with busier and more successful people when traditional networking tactics just won't cut it. Inbound networking- focusing on your personal brand so others will seek you out- might be the answer. Becoming a connoisseur in something interesting, for example, will attract influential people to you, rather than the other way around.

Why Barbara Corcoran Thinks Growing Up Poor Is a Key Ingredient for Success
The real-estate mogul opens up about her upbringing--and how it helped her as an entrepreneur and Shark Tank judge.


6 Lessons I Learned About Business (and Life) From Delivering Pizza
Sometimes it's the most humbling jobs that teach the greatest lessons. Find out the 6 most important things that the author learned about having a successful career from his high school job.



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