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Considering your next steps? This week's Roundup helps you network for your future.


Picture1-1.pngWhen Your Mentor Won't Respond to Your Emails
Some of the best mentoring relationships develop naturally without ever being officially labeled. Start by looking for people you already click with, people you admire, and people you have good chemistry with, and work on building those relationships. Over time, start asking them questions about their own work.You can also start talking to them about dilemmas you're facing in your job. Ask for advice, or run your proposed solution by them and ask what they think. If the person is receptive, that's going to lead you into a mentoring relationship, without any formal labels.


A Résumé Expert Reveals What a Perfect Résumé Looks Like
Your résumé's format is just as important as its content. It needs to be easy for someone to quickly scan and grab the most important information. The top third should be a snapshot of why you’re applying and why you’re qualified. Do not include an objective statement – it’s vague. Replace it with a professional summary. Remember that bullet points = bragging points. Finally, make sure you do not exceed one page if you’re a recent grad. You haven’t done enough to need a second page.


Networking with People You Can't Meet in Person
There’s more to online networking than just a solid LinkedIn profile. Pick a few contacts you’d like to connect with and retweet their posts or respond to their updates. Attract contacts by sharing useful information and making yourself discoverable. Make your name familiar to them so you can stand out when you have the opportunity to meet in person.


How to Cold Call Your Future Mentor
Do your research and stay respectful. Focus on the mentor’s work, and how it relates to your own career goals. The first contact can be scary, but can change your life if done well.

Freaking Out Over Your Career? Good, That Means You're on the Right Track
Shake things up, then put the pieces where you want them. All too often, working adults put their passions on hold because they're too scared to abandon the safety net their current career path provides. Rather than waking up 10 years down the road wondering how life passed you by, have your career freakout now - it'll provide a much needed shock to the system. You'll realize the "safety net" was actually a barrier all along, and now you have a clear path to plan what's next.




STEM Students Might Make More After College, but Here's Why I'm Sticking with my Marketing Major
Choosing the right major is harder than it looks. Transfer credits, salary, and the pursuit of happiness are only a few of the factors. No matter which major you end up choosing, good luck!


Why McKinsey & Company's Alumni Network Is Crucial To Its Success
At McKinsey, life after consulting is part of the recruitment process. Most employees at this top consulting firm are thinking about their next move, even before they start. The company works hard to maintain a strong alumni network, not only to bring on new clients, but to serve their current clients better. By having a strong alumni network, they can ensure they continue recruiting the best and the brightest employees.



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